What we know is that the wisdom teeth grow at the back of the mouth gums and are the last teeth to appear in every person’s life. It’s pretty normal to have four wisdom teeth, each one located in each corner inside the mouth. Wisdom teeth usually start to appear during the late teens or early 20s, and if you don’t have enough room they can cause some serious pain and discomfort because they can’t grow properly.


This also causes that t the wisdom teeth to grow sometimes at a weird angle, getting them stuck, or emerging partially. When this occurs, dentist says that the wisdom teeth are impacted.

In this case, the patient will feel pain or discomfort from where the wisdom teeth are located, and you should make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. He or she is the most capable professional to evaluate your case with detail and provide the best advice and course of action to extract them.


Usually, the first thing your dentist will suggest is to check your wisdom teeth’s position by using the help of  X-ray to have a clear view of what is happening there.


In some rare cases, extracting of the wisdom teeth isn’t necessarily needed if they aren’t causing any kind of affection, even when they are impacted. But there are many risks occasioned by the food and bacteria can get trapped, because they buildup plaque, which can lead to more serious complications, so it’s better to extract them.


Some of the complications that leaving your wisdom teeth impacted are dental caries, abscess, gum diseases such as gingivitis, among many other affection that can spread to other teeth and soft tissue in the mouth.

In case a patient is suffering from some of these complication, there is no need to be worried because any of these problems can be treated with the use of antibiotics and good oral hygiene habits like antiseptic mouthwash and dental floss. So remember to clean your teeth real good if you wish to conserve them healthy, don’t forget to brush your wisdom teeth too!

Depending on the dentist diagnosis, there are high chances that the wisdom teeth need to be removed. And if the case if too complicated, there will be the need to call a specialist surgeon for a more specific medical treatment.

For beginners, the extraction of the wisdom teeth starts with an injection of anesthesia in the area (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt at all) to numb the patient during all the procedure to guarantee that it will be completely painless. Although it is normal to feel some sort of pressure as the tooth is removed, due to the movement of the dentist moving the tooth back and forth to extract it from its socket.


The procedure itself is pretty simple and quick, it can take a few minutes to half an hour half an hour depending on the magnitude of the case. After the wisdom teeth are successfully extracted it’s very normal for the patient to feel some sort of swelling and discomfort on the inside and outside of the mouth, but it will go away after a couple of days.


What you should focus is in the recovery time. It is important follow your dentist instructions and take good care of your teeth while you are recovering, avoiding bad habits like smoking that can cause infections or worse.

Remember to be alert to any kind of strange symptoms, which can be any form of pain, tingling sensation or numbness in the tongue, gums, teeth and other areas of the face, which can be a signal for nerve damage. Don’t doubt to ask your dentist for any directions when feeling any strange symptoms.


As for the cost of the extraction, dentists can charge depending on the treatment required, they will evaluate the conditions of the patient first before giving a price. But if you are interested in removing your wisdom teeth with a great dentist withouth spending all your money perhaps you should consider visiting Los Algodones Mexico.


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