Let’s face it, dental cavities are a pain in the… well, in the mouth. But why this little painful affliction hut so much? And why when it appears make our life so miserable? Today you are going to learn the answer to all these question and learn some tips to prevent dental cavities to ruin your beautiful smile and teeth.


Cavities are the result of the enamel of the tooth wearing out thanks to corrosion created by bacteria, or by other external agents, such as abrasive chemicals in products and foods, or bad brushing techniques. What this cause is that the tooth is leaved exposed to the bacteria to wear down the tooth itself to its core, damaging not only the hard surface but the pulp.


And as you may know, there are many nerves connected to the tooth’s pulp, so when exposed, any little stimulus will make you feel excruciating pain like you never felt before in your life and there is a huge chance that you need to go to a dentist to get the tooth affected removed.


Nobody wants that, so if you want to keep your teeth cavity free, read carefully and pay close attention and you won’t have to worry about having nasty toothaches that will keep you up all night long.


Let’s start with the basics, brush your teeth regularly, and regularly means at least twice a day, every day. Use toothpaste with fluoride to keep your teeth well protected against bacteria that lead to cavities, the same goes when choosing a mouth rinse.

Don’t forget to use a soft bristle toothbrush too, one golden tip to keep the enamel in good shape is to treat it very gentle. When brushing your teeth avoid being too aggressive and opt for softer movements, take your time and don’t rush it. Brushing behind your teeth besides cheeks and mouth also helps to get rid of most of the bacteria, but for those places that the toothbrush alone can’t reach, dental floss will be your best friend.


Avoid sugar and other sweets, as they help the bacteria form and grow stronger every day. Eating chocolate and candy feels like heaven, but they also ruin your teeth very badly, so try to cut them some slack and don’t abuse their consumption if you want to prevent dental cavities.

The same advice goes for sugary drinks, avoiding them really helps a ton to avoid the formation of cavities in your

teeth. We are talking about sodas and wine, but don’t forget about artificial juices, they contain lots and lots of sugar,

which as we mentioned before they can damage your teeth very badly. People often forget that most of the food they purchase contains tons of sugar in them, so be very cautious with your diet if you want to keep your teeth pretty healthy.


Just remember to clean your teeth after every meal and you will be fine. Having a good dental hygiene and consistent habits is one of the easiest way to close the door to bacteria, cavities and other diseases like gingivitis and such that can ruin your teeth and smile real bad.


Last but not least, visit your dentist at least twice a year for checkups and professional cleaning. They studied for so long that there is no better advice than your dentist opinion. Don’t forget to ask them about the best way to prevent cavities, and in case you suffer from them, ask your dentist about the best treatment and course of action for you, don’t be shy.


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