We all know that feeling. We see ourselves in the mirror and cringe with the sight of our precious teeth being all ugly and discolored. We even ask ourselves what went wrong or regret our dental hygiene habits along the way, but not all hope is lost, there are many ways to regain the shining white of our smile.


Having white teeth is a huge deal for us, not only looks good and all, but they also are a sign of good health and good health. What this means is that stained teeth can lead to many complications and diseases to the point that you can suffer from gingivitis, cavities and even tooth loss.

So, enough chit chat, let’s start with some pretty useful tips you can apply in your daily life to get whiter and shinier teeth!


Brush every day


Yeah, yeah, I know, brushing your teeth every day is a must to have a healthy mouth and whiter teeth and yadda yadda. But, not everyone know how often you should brush your teeth, what technique to use, or even what type of toothbrush they should use to get the most out of it. Many people make bad decision and are damaging their teeth and smile without realizing they are doing so.


In short terms, to keep and clean your smile white as pearls, you should brush at least twice a day, especially after every meal such as lunch, coffee, chocolate and any other food that stain your teeth, like wine, for example. Also you should seek for soft toothbrushes, as they are the best option to take care of your teeth and gums too!


When you are brushing your teeth you should avoid doing it so aggressive and abrasive. Always brush with nice, gentle movement, that way you avoid damaging the enamel, which is the coating that cover each tooth and protect them form bacteria and other affections.


With a little help from my friends, Mouth rinse and Floss


After you brush your teeth, you can use other products such as mouth rinse and dental floss. They are the best friends your teeth can have as they help you reach and clean parts the toothbrush alone can’t on its own.


The same tips from above can be applied with the dental floss, try to be as gentle and careful as possible to avoid injuring your gums, and don’t forget to floss at least two times a day. The same goes for the mouthwash, rinse your mouth twice a day, especially after meals and if you use anti-bacterial mouthwash, the better because you will get rid of any pesky bacteria that can lead to nasty diseases.


You can get good deals in these kind of products if you happen to be in Los Algodones there you can find many pharmacies with great prices in dental care products, including teeth whitening and more!


Avoid bad habits, food and cigarettes


The easiest way to stain your teeth badly is having a bad diet. There are many food and drinks that can ruin your smile and you need to avoid consuming them a lot. Some of these foods are chocolate and candies for the most part. And as for drinks, avoid drinking a lot of coffee, wine and sodas.


Remember to brush your teeth or at least rinse your mouth with some water after eating to help your teeth to not get stained as easily. Also, you should choose a more balanced diet and opt for food that is good for your teeth, such as carrots and pears.


And now the main villain of the story, cigarettes. We cannot stress enough how badly this little product damages your oral health. They impact your mouth with so many bad effects, and stained teeth are like one of the tiniest of them, they give you bad health and can lead to other diseases like gingivitis or oral cancer. So cutting cigarettes from your habits will help your teeth a ton.


Visit your dentist regularly


Finally, visiting your dentist twice a year for regular cleaning and checkup will ensure a good dental care habit and guarantee you that you keep a bright white beautiful smile for everybody to see and envy.


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