Hi there! Today I want to talk about a something a little different. I want to let you guys know about a little town called Los Algodones, located right in the US-Mexican border. And what is so special about that place? Well, for starters, it is known as the dental capital of the world!


And why is that exactly? In this picturesque town there are more than 300 professional dentists offering their services to tourist from all around the world at a very discounted prices! Some friends went there and told me about it, that it was way cheaper compared to the States, and that they go twice a year to get their dental done.


I heard so many great things about it that I want it to go and see what was all the fuzz about it to see it for myself if it really was that great of a deal. I convinced my girlfriend that we should go and take some kind of vacation in summer and she said yes! The whole thing felt like an adventure to her so it wasn’t that hard to talk her into it.


We researched a little the prior week to find hotels and restaurant and fun stuff to do in Los Algodones. Surprisingly there was a lot of information online, and there is many information about how to get there, in our case for example, we drove in our car from Yuma, Az, for about 10 minute south west and parked in a parking lot just right in the border, ran by the local natives and charged us about $5 to look after it.


Then we just crossed the border by walking and found ourselves in the middle of Los Algodones! It was crazy to see all those business and street vendors but it wasn’t very overwhelming, you get use it pretty fast, so we went to the clinic our friends recommended us, it wasn’t very hard to find, we used the GPS in our smart phones.

The dental clinic we went its called Dental Solutions, located in the 160 3rd Street of Los Algodones, as I said before, our friend recommended me this place because their experience was really nice and pleasant. My first impression was really good, the lobby was really nice and clean, you can feel just like home with their comfy chairs and sofa, and the giant TV and WiFi.


We were treated really well by all their staff, and their communication was really good, they speak flawless English at all time and made us feel really confortable. We also were attended by Dr Xochipilli Bojorquez, and her attention was really friendly and nice, she answered every question with so much patience and care, you can tell she loves her job!


Her office is really clean, spotless you could say, and you can observe many diplomas from various courses from the States on her wall, including one from the American Dental Association, or ADA for short. Me and my girlfriend just ordered a simple cleaning and that was it, they charged us $30, and that’s like 80% less of what we paid regularly back home. The best thing is that they accept credit cards and some insurance if you prefer, so you can paid how you want basically.

After that we went to the hotel El Centro, pretty close by, and had a nice lunch, we oredere some nachos and tacos, they were really delicious! After that we went sightseeing downtown. You can find everything in there, many souvenirs, clothes, bar and restaurants but we were told that prescription meds and glasses were pretty cheap too! And it is all truth, the only thing is that you need prescription to bring them back to the US, so if you are interested in that remember it!


And that is my experience in Los Algodones in short words. I hope you find it useful if you are considering adventuring to Mexico to get dental treatment, I certainly enjoyed my stay and will definitely come back, the prices are really low and it is worth the while. My girlfriend wants to come back again but this time she wants to try some real Mexican Margaritas.

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