Howdy! We want to take this opportunity to teach you about cavities and some of the most common methods used by dentist to treat them. Like you may know our mouth is naturally filled with bacteria, which produce some acids. If we don’t take good care of our oral health, these acids gradually damage the surface of the tooth, causing tooth decay. this is one of the most common causes to develop cavities.


A cavity is basically a hole in the tooth caused, as we said before, by the acids produced by the bacteria, which eats away the minerals faster than the tooth can regenerate itself. It is difficult for most dentists to detect cavities at first because there are no symptoms until it’s already too late. Your dentist, especially if he or she is a Los Algodones dentist, will know because he or she will appreciate an infection in the tooth, besides, at this stage, the patient experience some really nasty toothache.


Option 1: Filling the Cavity


One of the options the patient has to treat a cavity is to use filing to fill the cavity. This is basically a substance that fills in the tooth, preventing bacteria from entering to it, affecting the inside and avoiding that the tooth becomes more infected, saving it from tooth decay and ultimately, tooth loss.


The procedure is very simple, the dentist will numb first before starting the procedure. After that, he or she will use an instrument to remove the decayed part of the tooth, these instruments are usually lasers, drills or even air abrasion. Once the cavity is opened up, the dentist will inspect the current state of the tooth to make sure everything is ok.


Then cavity is cleaned carefully to create enough space for the filling. The dentist will then mix the ingredient to crate the filling, or choose the adequate type of filling for the tooth and then proceed to fill in the tooth. After this is finished, he or she will add the final touches by polishing and trying to match the original tooth shape and color to help the patient’s mile to look and feel as natural as a regular tooth.

One pro tip is to get an early checkup to detect cavities as early as possible. This will help the patient to opt for this treatment, as fillings are less expensive than other procedures used to salvage teeth with more severe tooth decay, besides being one of the less invading procedures.


In cases that the tooth decay is in a point where the nerve is in severe danger. The dentist in charge will have to use a liner to protect the nerve before injecting the filling in the cavity.


And if the patients are worried that the tooth looks somewhat unnatural, they do not need to worry at all because dentist can use tooth-colored filling to give the teeth a more natural look. To achieve this, the filling is applied in layers, waiting that each layer is hardened before adding the next one, and finally using a special light. If it exist some kind of filling excess, the dentist can shape it, trim it and polishes the remains with no problem at all.


Option 2: Tooth Crown


Crowns are a preferred method to treat cavities in cases that the tooth decay is very badly, when there is a risk that it can break. This also helps to do some restoration to the tooth at the gum line. Apart from this, a root canal is performed before installing the crown to prevent the tooth from breaking.

Another good use for the crown is to help to salvage a tooth that is already broken. The thing is that the intention behind using a crown is to mimic the look like an actual natural tooth, allowing the patient to smile with confidence and show off a set of shining white pearls.


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